Rabalderparken: creative and sustainable planning

water as an asset

1. prize
Awarded with the Prize for City Planning (Byplanprisen) 2012 for stong and innovative planning where local handling of rainwater has been the overall principal.

Musicon is an old industrial site that has been vacant for 10 years. With this master plan we create a new neighborhood close to the Roskilde city center which has a vibrant urban environment where music in the broad sense of the word forms an overall theme. A mixture of residential and commercial housing, shops and cultural activities will create life in Musicon around the clock.

The layout of the Musicon site is based on the request and need for local drainage of rain water, which by reasons of gravity runs to the lowest point of the site, where former gravel pit activities have left deep trenches in the landscape. These are now re-used for infiltration basins with large capacity as well as for recreational purposes with the possibility of many different activities taking place. With an exposure of rainwater in open channels, ​​the water is made an attraction instead of a problem.

The district is built around a main street, Rabalderstræde, where recycled rainwater become a physical useful element and an asset to the street. The street is landscaped as a single, sloping multi-purpose surface which finishes in an elegant staircase element in white concrete that leads to the basins where rainwater is pooled. The street profile is dimensioned so it can handle huge amounts of rainwater that falls now and in the future.

City of Roskilde
Roskilde, Denmark
Skate design
DKK 35 mio
Rabalderparken: creative and sustainable planningRabalderparken: creative and sustainable planningRabalderparken: creative and sustainable planningRabalderparken: creative and sustainable planning