Gartnergården in Høje Taastrup

30 new sheltered council housing units for the elderly

The new senior housing units will become a part of a mixed neighbourhood with private and council housing for families. Thus, they will become a valuable addition to the diversity in the residential area.

In accordance with the municipality’s senior policy, we are focusing on creating the surroundings for a good, high quality senior life by ensuring proper accessibility and cohesion between the indoor and outdoor environments, among other things.

Green community and a sense of security
Gartnergården is built up around a common green oasis that all entrances, gardens and terraces connect to. This strengthens the experience of being part of a community and offers opportunities for meetings across the housing units during the day.

Roof gardens and roof terraces
Integrated terraces for recreation, path connections, small greenhouses, raised beds and sedum-surfaces are a part of the design of the vibrant terraced roof landscape; a natural continuation the green atmosphere of the atrium. The roof landscape gives access to the roof top apartments on the first and the second floor and is designed with common paths and small gardens – a fertile soil for the sense of community that the residents can chose to participate in or withdraw from depending on their temper and mood. The private areas are more secluded and shielded to reduce unwanted glances from passers-by.
In order to secure the respect of the private spheres and a well-functioning hierarchy between neighbours and guests, we have designed graduations between the private, semi-private and common outdoor spaces.

Boligselskabet AKB Taastrup v/ KAB (housing association)
Landowner and development partner
MT Højgaard
Scandi Byg, Tranberg and ALL
Project proposal, authorities consideration and detailed project in August 2019
Gartnergården in Høje TaastrupGartnergården in Høje TaastrupGartnergården in Høje Taastrup