Gurre Slotsruin

a Relief in the Landscape

1. prize in project competition

Gurre Slotsruin possess a magical atmosphere only fairy tales contain. A magic that tickles the senses and evokes curiosity. A magic we need to protect by acting gently in the activation of the ruin and its surroundings. The landscape is particularly important as a requisite for a strategic location. In our winning proposal, the restoration of the landscape holds a leading role in the communication of time and place.

The strategic location of Gurre Slot in the marshland was a resource on several levels and prevented advancing enemies. This significant characteristic of the landscape is lost in the current setting due to the drainage of the area. Therefore, a restoration of the wetlands will not only recover the identity and historical significance of the castle, but also contribute to the environment by reducing nitrogen emissions and increasing biodiversity.

We suggested narrating Gurre Slotsruin as a figurative reference translated into a relief on three scales. The narrative has three layers that connect to the water surface, the brick wall and the tracks. By recovering the original water landscape and a record of the ring wall and additional buildings, we create a landscape relief in a scale of 1:1, which shows the disposition of the place with defences and buildings for feasts and for everyday life. The third layer, the tracks, is also laid out as a relief in the concrete blocks, which are both very concrete testimonies of everyday life, but also more abstract and subtle references to legends and myths.

Naturstyrelsen, Museerne Helsingør, Styrelsen for Slotte- og Kulturejendomme
2020 -
design proposal
Gurre SlotsruinGurre SlotsruinGurre SlotsruinGurre SlotsruinGurre SlotsruinGurre Slotsruin