Krøyers Plads

harbour life

MIPIM Award 2015 - Best Residential Development
The Nordic Eco Label 2015
Green Good Design Award 2017

Development of a diverse area with focus on maximum public accessibility and transparency in the area's open spaces, in order to support a framework for attractive urban spaces for everybody.

Krøyers Plads is a significant historical site in the center of the Copenhagen harbor area. It has been crucial to design inclusive, and democratic urban spaces that connect with the city, and its inhabitants. We have taken advantage of the waterfront location and created a wooden promenade that surrounds the entire site, drawing both locals and residents. It has already become a favorite spot to hang out and catch the sun in the summer.

Furthermore, we have defined six spaces in between and around the buildings, each of which is programmed differently and supports various forms of life. They are all interconnected to ensure a high sense of cohesion in the area. In addition, the link creates the area's distinctive motion structure consisting of both niches, shortcuts and room for stay and play. Custom-designed urban furniture in wood and steel connote quay life and contribute to the visual identity.

NCC Bolig
Vilhelm Lauritzen & COBE Architects, COWI, NCC Construction
20.000 m2
Krøyers PladsKrøyers PladsKrøyers PladsKrøyers Plads