Levantkaj in Nordhavn

Masterplan for a varied city-district in a new sustainable neighborhood

1. Prize winner in a 2-phased competition

The masterplan is based on a mixture of partly the historical framework of the site, partly on its present physical reality. It is a combination of nine specific strategies, each defining a central aspect of the plan. This includes an “I dare you”- strategy which focuses on possibilities of ensuring that the market-conformity in a big and fast developing city-district is challenged and breached through conscious obstructions in the development process.

The relatively flat terrain of Levantkaj is marginally molded into a slightly hilly edge to show that there´s a simple way of varying the “city floor”. This will partly create a varying experience of the urban spaces with a visual contact to the surfaces of the water, and partly contribute to a general climate protection of the area, including handling of surfaced water, seepage delay etc.
“As a substantially foundation for the development of the masterplan, the proposer elaborates on a remarkably well thought out strategy, the so called “arboretum of the Levant”. Its purpose is to develop the future green living-and business-area with roots in Nordhavn, and to add an intensified noticeably city-nature to the otherwise characteristic urban environment. Furthermore, the arboretum-model shows a sustainable and parallel development of the planting- and building plan”… from the judge report.

Status January 2019: CPH City & Port Development aims to certify the urban area according to the DGNB standard, and this work is in preparation. In the forthcoming months, the winner project will be qualified in a collaboration between Entasis, GHB Landscape Architects, CPH City & Port Development and the City of Copenhagen. The final proposal must then form the basis for a local plan proposal, which the Citizens' Representative in the City of Copenhagen must approve of before further development.

CPH City & Port Development
Nordhavn, Copenhagen
Competition proposition including input to the planning proces and counseling in all phases
Entasis, Niras, Hall McKnight and Trafikplan
34 ha
Levantkaj in Nordhavn Levantkaj in Nordhavn Levantkaj in Nordhavn Levantkaj in Nordhavn Levantkaj in Nordhavn