Novozymes Innovation Campus

Global knowlegde center in nature surroundings

1st prize in project competition

*First prize in project-competition. *

Novozymes Innovation Campus is to be a global center for the company´s research and business-development. The new campus was made to respect the areas unique neighborhood to Dyrehaven.
The buildings light, sandstone-colored bricks gives a calm and homogeneous impression that helps build a coherency throughout the area. Terraces and inner courtyards makes for the buildings outer areas. A main street runs through campus and picks up the four squares of the building while orchestrating the flow of movement – with both coffee islands and informal meeting-areas, the dynamic everyday creates a vibrant environment. The public will have access to parts of the campus where, amongst other initiatives, an existing forest will be a part of a park-area with natural paths.

Status quo: The building complex was inaugurated in June 2019, and we´re looking forward to handing in the finished landscape project in ultimo 2019.
Cohesion **
The staging of the landscape is drawn from three landscape elements: grass-surfaces, long rows of trees and small groves – a reference to Dyrehaven with starting point in the landscape typologies that makes for the layout: an open field, windscreens and a small triangular protected forest. By using the existing qualities as a starting point, the new initiatives are registered into the environment and are enforcing the qualities of the whole area. This creates a local cohesion, which is a precondition for any future attractions towards the area. In the future, co-workers visitors and local citizens should be able to enjoy the varied planting and the new possibilities for recreational and healthy experiences under an open sky. A 24/7 lightning ensures safe access.

The arrival areas are thoroughly worked through, and for the entire site an availability strategy has been carefully incorporated with thoughts to the solutions and an universal design.

*Handling of rainwater (LAR) *
The rainwater is held back by different LAR-solutions (local derivative of rainwater). Within the layout, water is drained into grass-areas or by trenches along the road or guided through the terrain for drainage into natural pools. Where the water goes across pathways and lanes, the water is lead under the terrain in wires and pipes.

*Health in the landscape *
A natural path is established as a running- and activity route with simple workout-areas laid out in the landscape as a coherent ribbon of activity. The route guides the user through multiple landscape-zones and thereby different sensory experiences. Eight activity areas are established along the ribbon. By adding an extra layer of opportunity for movement and exercise in the landscape, different groups of users get access to workouts consisting of strength, speed and movement. The workout facilities are made in steel and wood with a nod to the natural character and look of the project.

The Novo Nordic Foundation are planning a science learning-center called LIFE nearby. Here, students and schoolchildren are invited to discover nature and science.

Novozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation CampusNovozymes Innovation Campus