Oerestad South: Planning the void

7 unique and coherent urban spaces in a transit zone

1. prize

The first prize was awarded GHB for the overall plan for urban spaces in Ørestad Syd , including proposals for development of activity fields in the three north - south urban spaces and proposals for the layout , functions and activities of the seven squares included in the competition.
Ørestad Syd is, measured in square meters, the most comprehensive local plan in the history of Denmark . A combination of a total of 1.2 million square meters of housing , commercial and public institutions will in the years to come form a new and highly diverse urban district in the Øresund region.
Once there was a sea ... Tomorrow there will be a city. The new town hits the flat Kalvebod Fælled in a sharp edge and meets with great verticality the traces of past use and development. Building stock density and scale stands in contrast to the spaces .
Ørestad is a new town with sharp edges against the surrounding nature. 7 places are scattered in the city mass , all with their very own relationship to the surrounding buildings.
The city is invaded by nature from the south while civilization is pushing forward from the northeast which is reflected in choice of materials and functions on the squares . This way, the district makes the most of its unique location in the transition zone between city and countryside.
The weakness of Ørestad Syd may prove to be a mismatch between the urban space and the human scale . Therefore it is vital that the spaces evoke immediate recognition and appeal to the need for direct physical contact with soil, water, air and light.
Our proposals for open spaces and the in-betweens in Ørestad Syd is based on intense sensory experiences . They preserve a touch of nature in the new city district.

Ørestad, Denmark
Oerestad South: Planning the voidOerestad South: Planning the voidOerestad South: Planning the voidOerestad South: Planning the void