Vester Voldgade

green street improvements and new infrastructure

With its wide cross-section, Vester Voldgade is now a entire new - and green - urban space in the dense area of the innner city of Copenhagen.

Dantes Square and Vartov Square are both part of the project and have become important places in the city with their new layout. They are now squares in tune with Vester Voldgade and thus helps to highlight the main road spatially. The area in front of the Classen Legatskole is treated as a forecourt to the school and thus this project offers Copenhagen three new sites in the city , each with its own function and at the same time acting like beads on a string tied together by the new green tree structure , a new wire-suspended lighting profile and a new broad promenade at Vester Voldgade.
Developments such as reducing roads and cutting back on the number of parking spaces has made it possible to extend the existing pavement areas for new broad areas for pedestrians and cyclists. Parking spaces are placed along the bike path on the shady side of the street and on the sunny east side there is a wide living and promenade area - an urban strip where the green character of the former fortification terrain returns in form of a new rows of planted trees.

The development of the project is conducted in cooperation with COBE .

City of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Vester Voldgade Vester Voldgade Vester Voldgade Vester Voldgade