Taasinge Square

rainwater management

1. prize in project competition
On Sustain's list over the 100 most forward looking climate projects worldwide
Special prize in connection with The European Prize for Urban Public space 2016
Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation

Taasinge Square is situated at the heart of Denmark´s first climate resilient neighbourhood. The handling of rainwater is exposed with high learning and demonstration value. As a green oasis in a densely populated city district, the square will be able to handle heavy cloud bursts in the future. Also, it gives the St. Kjeld´s Quarter in Copenhagen a distinctive green and sustainable landmark.

At Taasinge Square we tell the story about an urban habitat in which the city’s rhythm meets nature’s cycles and the logic of rainwater forms the urban environment. The activity of citizens, water flows, the precise geometry in the district and the Copenhagen dialect are all combined with the natural and self-grown approach to vegetation and water. The topography creates an urban space where edges, transitions, and the relationship between inside and outside are essential. The topographical concept allows various types of space that in interaction with solar orientation and the surroundings offers a diverse use of Taasinge Square.

The square is equipped with luminous sculptures: drops and parasols. Rainwater from the roof surfaces lead to three large storage containers. These tanks, shaped as giant drops, reflect the sky and invites to be climbed on. With hand pumps, one is made to release its content, so water is led to the vegetation. The parasols lead the rainwater to infiltration and provide shelter. The presence of water is given a playful form which functionally fits this particular place in the city.

City of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Malmos Anlaegsgartnere
Consultant team
GHB Landscape Architects, Orbicon, Feld, studio for digital crafts & Via Trafik
Feld, studio for digital crafts & Via Trafik
7000 m2
11,5 mio DKK
Taasinge Square Taasinge Square Taasinge Square Taasinge Square Taasinge Square Taasinge Square Taasinge Square