The Climate City in Middelfart

Urban Development via Climate Adaptation

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The aim of ´The Climate City´ is to find new ways to incorporate climate adaptation into sustainable urban development.

Using a multifaceted dialogue-based approach to inspire the community to back up the overall strategy and take private initiative for solutions on own soil, ‘The Climate City’ project focuses on developing innovative solutions that integrate both climate adaptation and urban development through focus on a multifunctional design of urban spaces and structures.

Our winning proposal; Water leads the way is a green development strategy with solutions at eye level with the city, its residents and the many elements that make this particular city a great place to be. Through a process focusing on citizens' involvement and unique local insights, we ensure local support and ownership, thus motivating private initiative and making rainwater a visible and activating urban element. Site-specific, storytelling design support the process, and create a unifying framework for the individual neighborhoods and their contributions to the overall project.

In private zones, water is infiltrated and in public areas water is lead on the surface. With the introduction of three "ways of water" that relate to three different areas in the city: the Forest Neighborhood, the Avenue Neighborhood and the City Center, we show the diversity of the water as it moves through the landscape. It leaves a trail in form of a lush print and clearly shows the typology that it has moved through. The variety of solutions developed to communicate the three different “ways of water” show a large architectural range in possible green rainwater management solutions for exemplary use in other cases as well.

The increased amounts of water that are flooding our cities is a challenge to be met. However, and fortunately, rain is not dominant most of the time. Therefore, we have emphasized double programming in our solutions for `The Climate City’ so they benefit everyday life. The sustainable solutions also play a vital role in ensuring a general environmental awareness in Middelfart. Thus, the proposal goes beyond simply managing storm water.

By working deliberately within the larger context, we show how multifunctional usage in our dense cityscapes can be a positive side effect of rainwater management and how it can help to support active and recreational urban spaces for the benefit of the local communities as well as for the environment.

Middelfart Wastewater Utility & the Municipality of Middelfart
ADEPT, Orbicon, the citizens of Middelfart
450.000 m²
The Climate City in MiddelfartThe Climate City in MiddelfartThe Climate City in MiddelfartThe Climate City in MiddelfartThe Climate City in MiddelfartThe Climate City in Middelfart