Bike Challenge Tracks

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The projects regarding four Bike Challenge Tracks along Copenhagens fortification are part of a larger project aimed at enhancing knowledge and use of a fantastic recreational space across four city borders.

Generally speaking , the purpose of the lanes are:
To support the idea that the former fortification around Copenhagen is an attraction that is best experienced on a bicycle.
To convey the historical role of the bicycle and communicate the history of the fortification.
To create a fun and challenging cycling experience for children and adults alike in fantastic green settings.

Each course is adapted to its specific surroundings. They function as pearls on a string and appears as single tracks which however complement each other in the big picture . The four bike challenge courses are designed to be functional and appear different in style. This is reflected by a diversity of challenges at each site.

Brøndby, Husum, Hvidovre and Rødovre, Denmark
Kræftens Bekæmpelse
Bike Challenge TracksBike Challenge TracksBike Challenge Tracks