The Niels Bohr Building

Campus area with new science building and outdoor spaces that connect to the pre-existing urban structure and Fælledparken.

1st prize in invited project competition

The Niels Bohr Building is a new part of the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen. The building has been erected in the University Park between Nørrebro and Østerbro as a part of the Science city “Nørre Campus”.

The Niels Bohr Building
The Niels Bohr Building is of the highest international university standard with an environment that forms attachments to business life. The building is arranged as a social frame that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between different fields of knowledge and offers a stimulating research and learning universe.

Outdoor spaces
The outdoor spaces surrounding the Niels Bohr university building function both as areas relating to the building with practical functions and as public spaces that inscribe themselves into the urban structure and address to a wide range of people with different errands: 6 atriums, a green connection running over and under Jagtvej as well as a gardens towards the University Park.

Cohesion and new connections
The campus area connects the newly built science centre with the existing urban structure. With its linked outdoor spaces as well as rain gardens, atriums and park strokes, the landscape is so varied that the project covers all the disciplines of the professional field within pavement, planting and lighting. In using the park landscape to connect the university area across Jagtvejen – a connection that visually makes both ends meet and thereby creates a clear narrative about a university situated in one unifying campus. To secure a visible and well functioning cohesion between the two parts of the campus, the park stretches both over and under Jagtvej via a passage.

Sub-consultant: Landscape design in all phases
Christensen og Co, VLA & Rambøll
1.4 billion DKK
Area/outdoor area
55.000 m2 /19.000 m2
Design team
Jacob Fischer, Piret Kullamaa Damkjær, Katrine Binzer, Marianne Rimer
The Niels Bohr Building The Niels Bohr Building The Niels Bohr Building The Niels Bohr Building The Niels Bohr Building The Niels Bohr Building