Vestre Fjord Park

Working With Nature

Winner of the Aalborg Municipality Architecture Award 2017 for an excellent linkage between landscape and architecture
Nominated for the Danish Landscape Award 2017
Winner of the Architizer A+ Award 2018 in the category Sports & Recreation
Finalist, World Architecture Awards 2018

The outdoor swimming pool, “Friluftsbadet”, plays an important role as one of Aalborg's recreational and historical gems with a bathing culture that has characterized the area for over 120 years and where a diverse group of users has set a lively, friendly atmosphere. The new design matches these qualities so that they are readable in the new activities and the landscape design.

The design focus is on a raw nature-look that stands on the shoulders of the qualities of the existing landscape, while the theme for the park is water activity. With this re-development, the number of users and visitors will increase, which requires that several different activities can take place at the same time. Thus, the goal of the landscape design has been to ensure a robust and accessible framework for the multifunctional activity spots.

Vestre Fjord Park now contains a larger open-air swimming pool and a new building consisting of several associated buildings and communal facilities under the same roof, between coastline and pools. Along the fjord, there is access for the public, you can either pass by on you walk by the waterfront or you can choose to stay – enjoy an ice cream and/or participate in the activities of the place.

The project has been realized on the basis of a proposal from LIW Planning and Force4 Architects: Working With Nature

The Municipality of Aalborg
Aalborg, Northern Jutland, Denmark
ADEPT, Rekommanderet and Orbicon
165.000 m²
Vestre Fjord ParkVestre Fjord ParkVestre Fjord Park